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Welcome to StoryKeeping!

StoryKeeping interviews your loved ones and produces timeless audio and video keepsakes to create a living legacy. StoryKeeping gives you peace of mind, because no matter what tomorrow brings, you’ll always be able to hear their side of the story, in first person, forever. It’s never too early to start, so start now. We look forward to helping you capture the highlights of your loved one’s lives.

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The Most Powerful Position in Society


Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it.

I saw the above comic this morning, and later a buddy of mine sent me the following excerpt from a Matthew Kelly book:

The most powerful and influential position in any society is that of the storyteller. Storytellers are not just the mythical cultural icons who dress up on Thursday afternoons and read stories to your children in local libraries and bookstores. Musicians are storytellers; politicians are storytellers. Screenplay writers and business leaders are storytellers. Teachers, preachers, nurses, lawyers, priests, scientists, salespeople, artists, mothers, fathers, poets, philosophers, brothers, sisters, babysitters, grandparents…we are all storytellers.

The future belongs to the storytellers and it belongs to us. What will it be like? Well, that depends very much on the stories we tell, the stories we listen to, and the stories we live.

If you subscribe to what Kelly is saying here, the most powerful position in society belongs to you as you decide which stories are most important. We cannot know where we are going unless we know where we’ve been. And knowing where we’ve been gives us great insight into how we can get where we want to go as we recognize our strengths and abilities. Personally, I’m fascinated by the lives of my ancestors, as the lives they lived laid the foundation for my own story.

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One of My Favorite Teachers


Every Christmas season my family heads over to the Hermann Son’s hall over by Marshall High School in San Antonio for our annual Brauchle family reunion. The Brauchle family is a proud one filled with solid people and a history of educators. My great great grandfather was one of the first teachers in Northside San Antonio – now one of the largest school districts in the state of Texas. That said, when I’d head over to the Brauchle reunion I always came ready to learn.

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Family Action Portrait

Every year or two families get dressed up for a family portrait session. Ah. Junior blinked. Retake. What’s Mom looking at? Retake. Everyone must make eye contact with the lens and think of their happy place.

Don’t get me wrong, I love family portraits. They have a proud history and a place in everyone’s living room. That said, there’s room for something more. This is where the Family Action Portrait comes into play. Family Action Portraits capture the true essence of a family: how you interact, how you walk, how you play, your mannerisms, your secret handshakes, and on and on depending upon the family. The above linked Family Action Portrait is fairly straight-forward. Depending upon how you’d like your project to come out, StoryKeeping can drop in your existing pictures or video as well as sound bytes or quotes from each family member. If you’re dreaming it we can likely make it happen.

Contact StoryKeeping now to schedule your Family Action Portrait at info@StoryKeeping.com

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Gift DVD

Give the gift of everlasting life to the highlights of a lifetime this holiday season!

It’s too late to go through the StoryKeeping process this year, but you can still let your family know how much you love them by handing out StoryKeeping Gift DVDs. StoryKeeping has created a DVD that, when popped into the DVD player, will tell your family about how you’ve booked a StoryKeeping session for them that will capture the highlights of their lives. The video explains the process, what to expect, and reinforces how special a StoryKeeping session can be for a family.

If you’d like a StoryKeeping Gift DVD, just email info@StoryKeeping.com with “Gift DVD” in the subject line and let us know whether you’d like us to interview an individual, couple, an entire family, or the end-goal of the project. StoryKeeping will give you a quote, require a deposit of half the total, create a customized Gift DVD and get it mailed to you in time for your gift exchange. The remainder of the balance is due the date of the interview or event. Splitting the payment over time makes this Gift DVD an even more-appealing gift option.

Ultimately, your decision to give your loved ones a StoryKeeping session will be remembered as one of the most loving and lasting gifts ever given. StoryKeeping is looking forward to helping you set the gift-bar high while capturing the highlights of a lifetime for your family!

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Like a great story? I do!

Scenic Wedding

Doing what I do you have to know I love a good story, so when I’m given the opportunity to play a role in something extraordinary I find it really difficult to say “No” regardless of circumstances. Of course extraordinary is subjective, so when I told a few friends about my plans to cover this wedding I got mixed reviews. Some thought I was nuts.

My friend Andi had recommended my StoryKeeping services to a family friend of hers out in Sonora, TX, and the mother of the bride ended up sending me an email to discuss doing a wedding. I was pretty much elated when I discovered the wedding was going to be held on a Thursday. Middle of the week work? I can pretend I have a normal schedule?! Awesome! I love my weekends just the same as everyone else.

“Do you drive a truck?” Read the rest of this entry »

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God Bless the U.S.A.

When I woke up that morning the world was still asleep. It was the perfect start to a day dedicated to reflecting. It was Thursday, February 10, 2011, on the tail end of the “Snowpocalypse” that terrorized South Texans not accustomed to snow or ice. As I left the house around 4am, the frozen grass crunched under my feet. As my truck eased over the 410 & I-35 overpass, my headlights revealed patches of ice. The silent seclusion of the morning set a heck of a tone for the day, and the majority of my 5-hour drive up to Lufkin, TX took place earlier than I was comfortable calling most of my friends. So I time traveled through Texas towns in solitude, recalling my own past as I prepared to capture the highlights of a lifetime for a stranger, Charlie Kimble.

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Wedding Options

StoryKeeping does weddings!
You can now take advantage of StoryKeeping’s ability to capture the highlights of a lifetime on your wedding day. StoryKeeping uses their expertise in one-on-one interviews to tell more of the story of your relationship than your traditional wedding videographer. All the details leading up to your special day are just as important as the vows you make, because every one of those moments have laid the foundation for your shared life of love and happiness. The moment you first met, your first date, the anxiety of meeting the rest of the family, and the story of your engagement are just some of the details StoryKeeping believes should be captured forever.

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Half a Story

The room was in shock. The silverware had ceased to clink. I glanced down from the video camera to see what could’ve easily been a teardrop descending from my glass of iced water. A room full of 200 people, over the course of 30 minutes, had turned to stone. The silence was broken by a quick sniffle and a mumbled “suck it up” from the evening’s featured speaker. Marcus Luttrell is a former Navy SEAL and author of the book “The Lone Survivor” – a story detailing his experience in Operation Red Wing – one that claimed the lives of his three SEAL brothers, and nearly his own. It was the eve of September 11th, and I was sitting at the Hollytree Country Club in Tyler, Texas. Marcus is an East Texas boy. He hates attention, doesn’t care much for public speaking, but loves his country. He also loved his SEAL brothers, and is committed to telling their story both to honor them and ultimately to provide comfort to our American brothers and sisters that come home in bad shape. So for those reasons, he was up there recounting horrific scene after horrific scene. Marcus regrouped and continued.

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Who uses StoryKeeping?

I’m often asked “Who uses StoryKeeping?”

Because there aren’t a wealth of StoryKeepers running around, there is a quick learning curve people must travel before they completely understand what StoryKeeping is up to. I respond, “StoryKeeping helps people to capture the highlights of their loved one’s lives by conducting interviews and creating keepsakes for their family and friends.”

“Oooohhh. So you interview old people?”

StoryKeeping is for YOU regardless of age. The StoryKeeping mission is to capture the highlights of everyone’s life. As long as you are loved by at least one other person on Earth it needs to happen. No one tells your story better than you, and after you’re gone your loved ones and descendants would give anything to see you, discover what experiences formed you, and be able to hear what made you who you are.  Death pays no attention to your birth date, and the second breath leaves your body the story of your life is silenced forever. Unless, of course, it was recorded. Read the rest of this entry »

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Whose family is this again?

Timmermanns and Me

I enjoy driving down country roads.  Actually, I enjoy riding along while someone else drives down country roads so I can look around and not endanger myself, cattle, deer, etc.  One of my favorites is staring out the window when rows of crops are perpendicular to the road and I can see down each of them for a fraction of a second.  It’s stunning, visually.

That said, I enjoyed the drive out to the Timmermann’s property.  It was a lot like the drive out to my grandparent’s ranch.  The Timmermann’s are from the Canyon Lake and Clear Springs area.  Mine is from the Medina Lake and Castroville area.

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